child portraits

Every day, your children change and grow. It’s amazing and a bit overwhelming for parents to witness – how quickly your little ones become big ones. A photo session with your child lets me capture these memories for you, preserving each special stage and beautiful age.

As a mother myself, I am always seeking photos that encapsulates my kids’ personalities. A shy glance. An effervescent giggle. A generous smile. These moments come when parents and kids are relaxed, the setting is casual and comfortable, and children are allowed to be themselves.

With my little subjects, I treat photo sessions like a playdate. We start off getting to know each other but before long, we'll be great friends. I might sing songs, blow bubbles, or ask about their favorite things. I’ll follow them while they climb on the monkey bars or get down on the ground while they pick dandelions. With older kids, I like to talk with them and find out more about their personalities. Either way, there’s no rushing, no asking anyone to say “cheese.” At times I will direct them to look a certain direction, to run towards me, to climb to the top of a slide, perhaps as I look for opportunities to catch their unique expressions naturally.